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What's New and Different About Heritage Collector?

A Few Key Features

Quickly organize and categorize photos and files.

Tag and label photos for easy identification.
Type in a search word and find a photo in seconds.
Create personalized storybook pages.
Make and share calendars.
Use GPS tagged photos to make maps.
Incorporate video and sound.
Share via a cloud or make sharable CD/DVDs.

Take the five minute tour and learn more.

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We Make Learning Fun and Easy by Providing Many FREE Resources
Short videos introduce you to new features and functions.
Learn the basics while using the software.
Step-by-Step documentation walks you through each process.
Newsletters provide new ideas and 'How Tos.'
Ask questions at our free webinars to get the help you need.
Make It Easy for You to Share With Family, Children an Grandchildren
Share calendars and storybook pages.
Create self-running CD/DVDs.
Use a cloud to share collections.
Newsletters share new ideas and 'How Tos.'
Print cards and other family history graphics.
Use and Take Advantage of the Latest Technology and Our 15+ Years of Experience
Get FREE Updates.
Tried and proven ideas that work.
Worldwide customers who share their ideas.
Patented software technology.



Do More With Your Photos . . . .

A collection of photos, stories, videos, information, and maps will make your family history more interesting and enticing to everyone in your family.

Let us help you discover new ways  to organize, document and share your photos and information with your children, grandchildren and relatives. 

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to t
ake the 5 minute tour

Getting Started

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Family History

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GPS Maps Geography

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 Interactive Family Reunion Flyer

Get the attention of the younger generation by sending them (print or e-mail) a flyer that talks or plays a video right on their phone! Learn more at one of our free webinars.

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The Dawn of a New Day in Family History!
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