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Everything is combined into one system that all works together making it easier to use while saving time and money.

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Heritage Collector - A Complete Photo and Family History Management System

Free Learning Resources and 'How To' Tutorials

The Navigator Tutorials

Coming Soon!

A series of interactive tutorials in a PDF format containing 'How To' videos and audios combined with written step-by-step instructions.

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2018 Calendar Tutorial

Just in time to help you create your personalized 2018 calendar.

Create perfect family Christmas gift.

Scanning Made Easy Tutorial

Great if you are just learning. Contains advanced tutorials about stopping newspaper bleed through, preventing JPG image quality loss, DPI settings, cropping, recommended file types and more.

New Recorded Webinars

You can now watch the classes you missed this summer.


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The Heritage Collector System



The features and functions shown above come with the Heritage Collector System.









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