Install a Heritage Collector Program
or Add-On Module
Standard Warning Messages

Windows Explorer 11

This new browser handles download and installs differently that previous versions by trying to protect you from installing a virus or other questionable program.

You will receive the following messages when downloading and attempting to install a LifeStory program or Add-On module when using Explorer 9:

1. First Question.

 "Do you want to run or save ....."

"This type of file could harm your computer."

Click the Run button.

Installation messages and warning messages during download. Click here.
2. Second Question.

"The publisher of . . . .. Could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run the program?

Click the Run button.

3. Virus Software Messages.

Your virus software may interrupt the install process with similar warning message asking if you want to install the module or program from LifeStory.

Click the option to proceed or install anyway.



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