Hot Spots
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Identify Everyone in a Photo

Identifying everyone in a large group photo used to be impossible. Hotspots make it easy to name and identify everyone in a photo with pinpoint accuracy.

Move your mouse over the photo above to the difference hotspots make in a large group photo. Hotspots may appear for the whole photo or individual hotspots may appear as you move your cursor over the people in the photo.

Which One is Grandpa?

Forget about trying trying to identify your grandpa with a captions that states, "Alvin is 3rd from the left on the back row."  Is that your "left" or Alvin's "left?

Pass your mouse over the photo to see the names (hot spots) magically appear. Add descriptive transparent text (see green text above). Print photos with or without hot spots. All the photos of Alvin can be quickly found with the search function by entering a word or phrase contained in a hot spot or photo caption.

Note: Hotspots are not actually placed on the photo.

Use Talking Hot Spots to Tell "Stories"

A photo is worth a thousand words - if you could just hear the words of the people in the photo - now you can!

Place hot spots anywhere on a photo, map or other image. Just point, click and type

Heritage Collector allows you to add narration to hot spots and tell interesting "mini" stories about the people, objects or points of interest in any photo. When you click on the hot spot, a short  personal story will play.

Hot Spots are Easy to Create and Edit

If you are a beginner, Heritage Collector  makes it simple. Display a photo, click the hot spots button, move the mouse to the desired position, click and then type in a name or caption.

Do MORE With Hot Spots
- Advanced
  • Change the color and shape of each hot spot
  • Select different text fonts and colors
  • Add a sound file that plays when hot spot is clicked or during a slide show
  • Display a small thumbnail image when the hot spot is clicked
  • Change the order (sequence) of hot spots that "Play" during a slide
"Hot Spots" in Yellowstone Park

This is part of a story about our recent trip to Yellowstone Park. Moving the mouse over the map of the Park reveals the treasures we found as we explored on our walk around the Old Faithful Geyser Basin

Passing the mouse over the topographical map displays the name of the geyser and also a little thumbnail image. A brief narration can also be heard with each mouse click.

When this photo is played in a slide show, each hot spot description will appear with the thumbnail and the brief narration will also play. The slide show will then automatically advance to the next photo in the slide show sequence.

Personalize Hotspots

A few of the many different styles and kinds of hotspots are shown below.

 Create A Hot Spot With a Thumbnail

Passing your mouse over a map image will cause the hot spot text and thumbnail of the homestead home to appear in a specific area over the top of the topographical map.


*The Hot Spot function comes standard in Heritage Collector.

There is no extra cost for this fun and helpful feature.


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