Heritage Collector Suite - Function Summary
A premium quality system with everything you need

All the following functions (and more) come installed with Heritage Collector Suite
Finding and Displaying Archive / Search Function Automated Backup System


  • Find photos and files with a variety of search functions
  • Files appear in seconds
  • Display by double clicking
Search Options
  • Words and phrases
  • Dates and date ranges
  • GPS coordinates
  • Word tags and characteristics
  • Archive media and CD/DVDs
  • Save HD space by moving collections off computer
  • Archive on CD/DVDs or an external HD
  • All thumbnails & information is retained on computer system
  • Archive search finds files on archived CD/DVD or external hard drive
  • Archive search lists CD/DVD to insert to display desired file
  • Insert media and click again to display file or photo
  • Printed Archive insert for CD/DVDs
  • Built in CD/DVD burner software
  • Backup to CD/DVD, external drive or thumb drive. (Depends on size of collections and capacity of thumb drive)
  • Monitors status of all collections
  • Save time - back up new or out of date collections
  • Quickly restore to hard drive or new computer
  • Multiple backups are possible
  • Printed backup insert for CD/DVDs
  • Built in CD/DVD burner software
  Add / Edit  File Information Printing Functions Sharing and Slide Shows
  • Add captions and descriptions
  • Select photo tags and characteristics
  • Accept photo date or change date manually
  • Enter optional GPS coordinates.
  • Click Save button.
  • Edit / add new information later
  • Print full page (Landscape or Portrait)
  • Wallets & full page
  • Print only selected photos
  • Different size thumbnail prints
  • Print with/without captions
  • Print with all information
  • Export for large format economy printing
  • Simple / advanced slide show editors
  • Automatically times narration
  • Narration / sound background options
  • Separate sound level controls
  • Title generator
  • CD/DVD insert creator
  • Built in burner software creates self-running sharable CD/DVDs
Create CollectionsBasic Family History ScrapbookDigital Family History Guidebook
  • Import files into personalized collections
  • Copy or import files from a scanner, digital camera, CD/DVD, or hard drive
  • No limit to number of collections or images (size of hard drive)
  • Collections may contain different file types
  • Create and use your own backgrounds
  • Proportionally resizes images
  • Use search to find photos
  • Editable shapes and page layout
  • Drag and drop photo into shape



  • 200 pages in PDF format
  • Nine chapters
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • "How to" with screen captures
  • Variety of projects explained



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