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How Heritage Collector Works for You!

The process of preserving and transforming photos and information into priceless treasures.

Beginning and Organizing

Heritage Collector makes it easy to organize your photos and files.

 Have Fun Sharing With Others


Learn new ways to enhance information and share stories that will be more interesting and engaging to your children, grandchildren, teenagers,  adults, and relatives.

Heritage Collector Solves Problems Associated With  Using a New Program

New Users Face Several Dilemmas:

  • No logical or simple place to begin.
  • Too complicated for a novice user.
  • Does so many things it's overwhelming.
  • Documentation is hard to understand.
  • Too simple for an advanced user.
  • So simple it doesn't meet your needs in the near future.
The Heritage Collector Solution
  • Clicking the Getting Started Tab displays the icons needed for basic functions.
  • 'The 'How' button displays a list of 'How To' movies that explains basic functions.
  • Tabs organize features into helpful groups.
  • Documentation is step-by-step.
  • Menus and tabs organize and provide access to intermediate and advanced functions.

A Program That Grows With You

Three levels of features and functions are included in Heritage Collector Suite.


Getting Extra Help and Support

  • Watch 'How To' movies while using the program.
  • Refer to step-by-step documentation.
  • Click the 'Help' button at any time.
  • Access a variety of newsletters for more ideas.
  • Attend webinars or access the library.

Click here for a non-technical description.

Novice Level - Beginning and Getting Started
Collect and import photos and information into collections in Heritage Collector.

Step 1. Collect and Import Photos and Files
Files may be imported from folders, a scanner, CD/DVDs, flash drive, external drive, and the Internet. Files may be copied into the 'Sort' collection and moved into other collections if you are not sure how you want to organize files when you first start. Files may be imported into specific collections you create. Collections may be easily renamed later.

Clicking the 'Get Started' tab will display the icons you need to begin.
Step 2. Organizing, Adding and Editing Information
Add more collections and import or move images from the 'Sort' to other collections. Add or edit photo captions and descriptions (or source information) as you add more photos.
Step 3. Photo Tagging
Photo text tags or "Hot Spots' may be used to note and identify each person in a photo.
Step 4. Sharing
There are several ways to share photos and information. The easiest way to share, at the beginning level, is to print photos and information or to create a PDF later. Later you may want to add or edit photo captions and descriptions (source information).
Each step has a 'How To' movie, step-by-step instructions in the manual and additional Help can be displayed by clicking the Help button listed on most displays.
Intermediate Level - Building on the Novice Level
Easily find photos and information you have already imported to create personalized storybook pages, family calendars, photos with talking hot spots and video clips, and GPS maps.


Clicking the 'Share' tab displays different options that can be used to share or create self-running gift CD/DVDs, storybooks, calendars, PDFs, slide shows and more.

Personalized Storybook Pages
Simply drag any photo or graphic embellishment on to a storybook page you are creating. Format different paper sizes for added flexibility. Print your creations at less expensive printer facilities locally or on-line. Pages displayed on a computer can be interactive and play audio, video and text as the cursor is moved over a page. Save money and time by creating and sharing your pages via e-mail.
Family History Calendars
Create and share the perfect calendar this year. Add your own graphics, photos and dates. The calendar is saved as a PDF allowing you to print your calendars very economically. Instantly share the PDF if you choose not to print.

Acquire and Use GPS Coordinates and Create Maps
  Use GPS coordinates in many new ways. Create, print and share maps that are automatically created by the program. Pictures taken with smart phones with the location option enabled are even more fun since the program automatically creates maps and tags that can be viewed on the internet.

No GPS device? Not a problem. Our tutorials will show you several ways to easily acquire GPS coordinates from anywhere in the world. You can even search for photos based on their GPS coordinates. Our tutorials, newsletters and How To movies make this fun and easy.
Combine Photos With Narrative and Video
There are several ways you can incorporate video and oral narrative into slide shows, storybook and calendars to make them interactive. Our tutorials and webinars will teach you how. You can start having a lot of fun and getting the interest of you children, grandchildren and relatives.
Each step has a 'How To' movie, step-by-step instructions in the manual and additional Help can be displayed by clicking the Help button listed on most displays.
Advanced Level - Building on the Intermediate Level
Use tools designed to manage a large number of collections, run the program from an external drive, eliminate duplicate images, create an interactive multimedia presentation, and share via a cloud.

Clicking the 'Share' tab displays different advanced options that can be used to share or create self-running gift CD/DVDs, storybooks, calendars, PDFs, slide shows and more.

Eliminating Duplicate Images
About 30% of the space on a hard drive is a result of duplicate images. The' Search For Duplicates' option will find and display duplicate images. This makes it easy to verify and delete specific images.
Multiple Databases
If you are just beginning you may not have many photos. However, in a short time you may acquire many photos. The Tools module that comes with the program makes it easy to create additional databases allowing you to group your collections in different and more manageable ways.
Advanced Tools
In the future you will need more tools as you work with your photos and media. For example, you can convert several negatives (old white on back) documents into positives (black with white text) in seconds. Export and change image file types, create many different kinds of PDF documents. Adding meta data to your images for future reference is another advanced feature that comes with the software. You can also import or copy images from Facebook, Pinterest and Family Search. Batch rotate and add information to a group of photos and much more.
Sharing via a Cloud
  It's easy to create a self-running gift CD/DVD to share your collections. However, using a free cloud services is much faster and allows you to share your collections with family and relatives all over the world and it's easy.  
Creating Interactive QR Codes
Another advanced tool is the QR Code generator that can be accessed by clicking the Tools menu. This makes it possible to make interactive calendars, storybook pages, family reunion flyers and much more.

Our newsletters, tutorials and 'How To' movies will teach everything you need to know to start having some real fun and getting the attention of those teenagers in the family.
Each step has a 'How To' movie, step-by-step instructions in the manual and additional Help can be displayed by clicking the Help button listed on most displays.

Non-technical Description of Heritage Collector

Heritage Collector is an integrated (does a lot of stuff in an organized way) software program that provides many features and functions.

After many years of developing and using the software we have a good idea of what you need to do now and what you will want to do in the future. When the right time comes and you want to try some new things you will be able to take advantage of what is waiting for you to discover and use.
Heritage Collector might be easily compared to an earthy caterpillar munching away on a milkweed plant. The ravenous caterpillar might think its only driving purpose is to become a chrysalis. Proper preparation will reward the caterpillar with more than a new home. Soon an unbelievably beautiful creature will emerge and soar away to discover new vistas.
Initially you may feel like a caterpillar processing your way though an endless stack of disorganized photos. However, soon you will learn how Heritage Collector can help you turn your photos into a variety of shareable masterpieces. Many of our users started using Heritage Collector to organize their photos. In a short time they discovered it's easy to add information tags and photos descriptions. This makes it possible to find any photo in seconds by typing in a word or two and clicking the search button.

This encourages other discoveries such as creating a slide show or sharing photo collections via a gift CD/DVD or by e-mailing collections that have been transformed into a PDF. Recently our advanced users smiled when they discovered they can use a Cloud like Drop Box to share and receive photos and information.

Some users want to create personalized storybook pages using the photos they have already copied into the system. They are amazed how easy it is to drag a photo from a collection onto a storybook page and then add some text to tell a story about the photos on the page.

Personalized calendars are created in the same way - dragging photos to a calendar top or bottom and then adding birthdates. Calendars may be printed or shared by PDF. Recently our advanced users were excited to discover they could make their calendars talk by using a smart phone to scan the QR codes created in Heritage Collector and placed on a calendar page.

The point of this discussion is to help you realize that many of the features, functions, and modules you will need for future projects are just waiting for you to discover and use them

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