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The graphics on this page were inspired by my great grandpa, grandpa and my grandma Olsen.
My great grandpa was a shoemaker from Norway. He sacrificed everything he had to cross the ocean and walk across the Plains. His journey was costly. He left a wonderful home on a fjord and sold everything to pay for the journey. He and his wife were required to bury two children during their journey. As a father of five, I'm sure the heartbreak must have almost been unbearable for them.

His money was exhausted when he arrived at trailhead in Nebraska. He had no way to continue his challenging excersion west or to provide for his family.

A wagon master offered him passage if he agreed to herd sick cattle by day and fix shoes at night. The sick and lame animals moved much slower than his pioneer companions which caused him to be  alone on the dark trail. Some nights he didn't catch up until around midnight.His late arrivals were often greeted with worn out shoes to mend. Later in the evening he finally made his bed on the ground for a few hours of rest before it all stared over again. Carl was grateful because this allowed some protection for his eight month pregnant wife and children to walk along with a wagontrain heading west.

At the end of their trip through the wildernes, the Olsen's made thier first home in a dugout with a dirt floor. Later my great grandpa lost his beloved wife from complications of childbirth. He remarried but his new bride was struck by lightening and died. My great grandfather, Carl Stein Olsen was a man of courage, faith and tenacity.

About the graphic above.

On the left is a representation of a an old shoemaker practicing his trade as my great grandfather once did over a hundred years ago in Norway.

At center is a photo of a print that hung on my grandma’s wall above an arched doorway leading into her large dinning room. I loved to look at the picture as a child and try to figure out what it meant. Now it’s mine and I've had the chance to study and learn much about it.

Looking closer you will discover a bible, "Love at Home" sheet music, a bunch of sweet smelling clover, a handful of beautiful daises, and last and most important of all – a letter from home.

Go to this newsletter to read what I discovered about this print my grandmother acquired by sending in Fairy Soap labels and ten cents. Click on this link  The Mystery of Grandma's Painting
 My grandpa Olsen loved the land and successfully homesteaded 160 acres for many years. So I'm sure clover was a welcome sight against a backdrop of sagebrush and weeds.

Grandma loved flowers which is probably where my love for  daisies came from. I think my grandparents chose this picture because it represented many things that were closest to their hearts and minds.

I'm the guy at the top right and now it's my turn! All this rich heritage has been handed and entrusted to me. I'm now part of the older generation with a digital pioneering obligation to homestead and blaze new trails into a marvelous world filled with new and sometimes very challenging technology.

I know my posterity will benefit and be grateful for the photos, stories and information I'm gathering and preserving. These resources will help them learn who they are and where they came from. Someday they will feel a genetic kinship and bond to those who are now gone but will not be forgotten.

My purpose in writing these newsletters is eight fold:

1. Give you some ideas that will expand your horizons.
2. Provide you with the "How Tos' and step-by-step recipes you need.
3. Help you avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes I've made.

4. Provide a sequence of understandable instructions.
5. Help you with all the aspects of a project.
6. Not assume you know anything before you start a project.
7. Provide video and written instructions so you get the idea.
8. Prove if I can do it, then you can do it!


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