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A software program that benefits the whole family in many fun ways. Even grandma will love to see what the kids and grandchildren are doing

Heritage Collector STANDARD - our new FREE Version.

What Can I Do?

Lots of really fun things:

  • Caption each photo.
  • Tag people.
  • Add sound to tags.
  • Import video.
  • Find photos in seconds.
  • Share photo collections with family using the Cloud.
  • Slideshows.
  • Print

There's even more. We have to leave some surprises for you to discover!


Why is it Free?
What's the Catch?

LifeStory is trying to get families started sharing their photos and stories with each other. Free software will help them and you get started today.

Does It Time Out?
No. Use for as long as you like.

Advertisements? Nope!

Nag Screens to Bug Me?
No again. You can add more modules later, such as GPS maps, storybook, calendar, and fun templates and more.
Easy to Learn and Use

On-Line Help while using the software.

Step-by-Step PDF manual.

Comes with 20 'How To' movies Click the "How" button for the help you need.




Sharing Photos
Using Heritage Collector with

Using Drag and Drop

Using Heritage Collector

 Heritage Collector makes it easy for you to organize, find and share your photos and informaiton with family and friends. Complete instructions may be found in the PDF manual, on-line help and by watch the 'How To' movies that come with the software.

The adjacent instructions show you have to (Drag) copy photos into Heritage Collector to reference, share and preseve.
Using Heritage Collector With Pinterest

Heritage Collector makes it easy to drag and drop photos from Pinterest into photo collections in Heritage Collector.
  1. Open a collection in Heritage Collector you'd like to drag photos into.
  2. Mimimize Heritage Collector (make screen smaller).
  3. Go to a Pinterest page and resize the page so Pinterest and Heritage Collector are on the same display (unless you are using two monitors).
  4. Double click (enlarge) the image you'd like to  drag.
  5. Left click on the image and drag into a Heritage Collector collection.

Please respect and do not infrige on the copyrights of others. Do not drag or copy photos into Hertiage Collector unless you are certain the images are in Public Domain or that you have the consent of the owner to copy the image.

Please refer to the information Pinterest has posted on its site.in their Terms of Service and Copyright & Trademark pages.

Click here to download Heritage Collector STANDARD

Coming Soon!
'How To' Video
Heritage Collector & Pinterest
Please check back soon!


   Heritage Collector Version Comparison
Standard vs. Suite

Heritage Collector will help you organize, create collections, print, and share information in new ways. The following summary outlines the differences between the Standard version and the Suite version.

Click here to see a comparison


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Learn how to use the latest technology with our software. 

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The Dawn of a New Day in Family History!
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