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Heritage Collector Suite
Program Overview

Heritage Collector Suite is a complete photo management system. You will be able to do many fun and interesting things with your photos and information. You will be able to start simply and get the help you need. In a short time you will be able to utilize the intermediate and advanced features listed below.

Heritage Collector comes with everything listed below and more.

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Get Organized
Find Photos Quickly
Share With Family
Label Photos
Avoid Mistakes
Family Calendar
Make Storybooks
Family Network
"How To" Videos
Portable Drive
Drag and Drop


Beginning Level

Starting at the Beginning Level will not overwhelm you with a lot of features and functions you don't need to understand initially. Clicking the Get Started Tab will display only the icons you need. You will start by organizing photos into collections or into a 'Sort' collection. Later photos may be moved into other collections.

Getting Help and Using Free Tutorials

Get the kind of help you need when you are starting. Videos and step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to do more and take advantage of many built in features and modules.

Intermediate Level

Once you've learned the basics you will be ready to do much more and have some real fun. You will be pleasantly surprized to discover many new things you can now do with your photos, video clips, and sound files. Create slide shows, personalized storybook pages, and family calendars.  A basic set of photo enhancement tools comes built into the software. With a few buttons clicks you will be able to create a gift CD/DVD to share your photos and information.


Advanced Level

Soon you will be able to do many unbelievable things with the files and photos already have in your system. Create tags (hot spots) that play audio or video clips allowing a photo to become interactive and tell it's own story. Use the photos from your smartphone to automatically create GPS maps and then view the photo location from the Internet.

Create interactive storybook pages that play a sound file or show video clip when the cursor is  moved over an image. Share talking wall calendars that work with your smart phone. Share photo collections with your family using a free Cloud such as Dropbox.


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